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The importance of Anyang machine tool maintenance
Author: Posted on: 2019-06-30 09:24:14 Text: [ big ] [ medium ] [ small ]
Today, Anyang machine tool manufacturers bring you the relevant knowledge of CNC machine tools. CNC machine tools are modern technical equipment integrating machine, electricity, liquid, gas, and light. Compared with traditional mechanical equipment, although the content also includes machinery, Electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic faults, but as far as the focus of their maintenance is concerned, they focus on the intersection of electronics, mechanical, pneumatic and even optics. Due to the many types, different structures and various forms of numerical control systems, it has brought many difficulties to testing and monitoring.

A CNC system that has completely or partially lost its prescribed function is called a fault. The so-called system fault diagnosis technology is to grasp the system's advanced status information while the system is running or basically not disassembled, find out the location and cause of the failure, or predict the system's abnormality and failure trend, and take necessary measures. And countermeasures. The purpose of diagnosis is to determine the cause and location of the fault so that maintenance personnel or operators can repair the fault as soon as possible.

Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools not only have the characteristics of high accuracy of parts processing, high production efficiency, stable product quality, and high degree of automation, but also can complete complex curved surface parts that are difficult to be completed by ordinary machine tools or cannot be processed at all. Therefore, the position of CNC machine tools in the machinery manufacturing industry is becoming more and more important. In the machinery manufacturing industry, the grade and ownership of CNC machine tools are an important indicator of an enterprise's manufacturing capabilities.

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