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Technical Services

One,   service

1.   Bedside box repair

2.   Maintenance of the feed shaft

3.   Maintenance of tool rest

4.   Maintenance of hydraulic parts

5.   CNC system maintenance

6.   CNC other electrical parts repair

7.   Repair of other machine tools

7.1   Bed type universal milling machine electrical repair

7.2   Gantry planing and milling machine electrical repair

7.3   Press maintenance

two,   Overhaul, transformation and numerical control of machine tools

1.   Overhaul and modification of machine tools

2.   NC transformation of ordinary lathes

3.   System Transformation of CNC Lathe

three,   CNC system operation, programming, maintenance training

1.   Guangshu 980TD series system operation, programming and maintenance

2.   FANUC OI-MATE-TD system operation, programming and maintenance

3.   Siemens 802D system operation, programming and maintenance

four,   Functional transformation of lathes

1.   Add hydraulic chuck, hydraulic center frame and hydraulic tailstock on the original lathe

2.   Replace the original four-station tool post with a six-position or eight-position tool post

3.   Add milling head on original lathe

4.   Design special tooling and fixtures according to user needs

5.   Can also add other functional parts

V. Technical Consulting and Solutions

1. Machine tool equipment maintenance and maintenance | (Send someone for regular and irregular maintenance)

2 . Selection and configuration of machine tools

3.Selection of machine tool special configuration function parts

4 . Design and manufacture of machine tools

5 . Design and manufacturing scheme of machine tool equipment automatic line

6. Our company can carry out equipment layout and planning for the user's new plant, helping users to relocate and re-equipment

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