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Anyang Haisai Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (former Anyang Hengxin Machine Tool Co., Ltd.) is a machine tool manufacturing company specializing in lathe production in the central region. It mainly provides: Φ630-1600mm series ordinary lathes, Φ630-1600mm series economical CNC lathes, and processing pipes Φ120. -340mm series of CNC pipe thread lathes, Φ440-660mm series of full-function CNC lathes, various special lathes, automatic lines, flexible manufacturing systems and automated complete sets of technology. The company's lathe products are widely used in aviation, automobiles, ships, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, steel, military, mining equipment, railway locomotives, machining and many other fields.
The company has strong technical strength, has experienced mechanical, electrical and hydraulic professional and technical personnel in the industry, and takes the research and development innovation, product popularization and complete service of large and medium-sized lathes as its mission. Relying on the company's strong technical force and perfect "pre-sale, sale, after-sale" supporting services to provide our customers with reasonable machining solutions. The company's products have won a good reputation in the market for its reliable quality and fast and thoughtful service.
In order to meet the diversified needs of the market, and to better serve customers, the company also provides: sales of machine tools, sales of machine tool parts and accessories, machine tool commissioning and maintenance, CNC system maintenance, and technical services.
Technical services: technical consulting, technical solutions, technological solutions, design and manufacture of special fixtures, NC programming, machine tool training.
Mechanical accessories: special parts for machine tools, common chucks, hydraulic chucks, common center frames, hydraulic center frames, precision ball screws, linear guides, common tool holders, electric tool holders, precision bearings, automatic lubrication pumps, tractors Chain, various cutters, measuring tools, etc.
Electrical accessories: domestic CNC system, imported CNC system, operation panel, various cables, splitters, proximity / travel switches, signaling panels, other electrical components, external handwheels, etc.
Machine tool installation / maintenance: installation and commissioning of machine tools, maintenance of ordinary machine tools and CNC machine tools, overhaul, numerical control transformation, CNC system maintenance, machine tool installation with functional components, and regular machine tool maintenance.
Adhering to the principles of honesty, down-to-earth work, dedicated professionalism, and thoughtful service, Haisai Machine Tool is dedicated to providing solutions for your component processing and manufacturing, and is willing to exchange and cooperate with you for common development and a better future.
Haisai machine tools, welcome your guidance!
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