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Features of CNC lathes
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The use of CNC lathes can greatly improve work efficiency, and it has high processing accuracy and fast speed, which can meet various needs of customers. Here Anyang machine tool manufacturers will introduce the characteristics of CNC machine tools.

Features of CNC lathes:

(I) Parts with high accuracy requirements

Because the CNC lathe has good rigidity, high precision in manufacturing and tool setting, and can easily and accurately perform manual compensation and automatic compensation, it can process parts with higher dimensional accuracy requirements. In some cases, it can be ground by a car. In addition, the tool movement of CNC turning is realized by high-precision interpolation calculation and servo drive, so it can process parts that require high shape accuracy such as straightness, roundness, and cylindricity of the bus bar. In addition, the workpiece can be processed in multiple processes at one clamping, which improves the position accuracy of the workpiece.

(II) Parts with small surface roughness

The CNC lathe has a constant linear speed cutting function, which can process parts with small and uniform surface roughness. Because in the case of the material, finishing allowance and tool, the surface roughness depends on the feed and cutting speed. The cutting speed changes, resulting in inconsistent surface roughness after turning. Using the constant linear speed cutting function of CNC lathes, you can choose the best linear speed to cut tapered, spherical and end faces, so that the surface roughness value after turning is small. And consistent.

(3) Parts with complicated surface contours

Because the CNC lathe has linear and circular interpolation functions, it can turn complex-shaped rotating body parts composed of arbitrary straight lines and curves. The forming surface of the closed inner cavity of the shell parts cannot be processed on ordinary lathes, but it is easy to process on CNC lathes.
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