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How should the hydraulic system of Anyang machine tools be maintained
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The maintenance of the hydraulic system of a machine tool is very important. How should it be repaired? The maintenance methods of Anyang machine tool manufacturers will be introduced in detail below for us.

(1) The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank should always be kept at the prescribed liquid level, and in case of shortage, it should be refilled in time.

(2) The hydraulic oil should always be kept clean. The oil storage container should be clean and clean without dirt; filter when refueling to prevent impurities, dust, especially coolant from mixing into the hydraulic oil, causing deterioration of oil quality and rusting of hydraulic components; regularly check and replace the hydraulic pressure according to regulations oil.

(3) Check the oil temperature frequently. Generally, the oil temperature of hydraulic machine tools is more suitable to work at 30-60 ℃, and the oil temperature should generally not exceed 64 ℃. If the oil temperature rises abnormally, it should be stopped for inspection and exclusion.

(4) Check the changes of hydraulic oil frequently. If there are bubbles or floating on the surface of the hydraulic oil, check whether there is air infiltration in the hydraulic system.

(5) Frequently check and clean the filter at the suction place of the oil pump to keep the oil flowing smoothly. Anyang machine tool manufacturers remind that you should always pay attention to whether the filter is damaged, and if it is damaged, you should replace it in time.
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